The Prangsta showrooms are full to the rafters with costumes for hire.
Should you be seeking something made to measure, we also offer a bespoke made-to-hire/buy service.

Our team specialises in creating spectacular yet wearable costumes.
Whether you’re a performer, a less conventional bride-to-be or simply have a truly special occasion on the horizon, our team has the skills and expertise to turn your vision into a reality.

Everything we produce is handmade at our studio in South London, by our in-house team, using predominantly reclaimed materials.
Our creative director, Melanie Wilson, has been spending the best part of the last 25 years scouting junk markets on the hunt for discarded items to breathe new life into.

Our creative process typically starts from these rare finds, be it an old pair of embroidered curtains or an antique piece of jewellery,
begging to be transformed into a corset or mounted on a ludicrously large crown.

Our specialties

Case studies

Escape the conventional x Hendricks Gin

Bridal with a twist
Alice in Wonderland Collection
Queen of Hearts Costume

The Bespoke Process

1. Preliminary consultation:
We discuss your project and take your measurements.

2. Ideation & proposal
Our atelier team reviews what’s been discussed, selects materials and works on a proposal & quote. If you like what we offer, we send a contract your way and start working on your project as soon as signed.

3. First fitting: assessment of fit and overall shape
We test the fit of a base garment, created to your measurements. During this session, we alter the shape to fit your unique body shape. Complex pieces such as tailored jackets might require further structural fittings.

4. Adjustments to pattern & embellishment process
Pattern is tweaked to fit you like a glove. When we’re confident that we’ve reached a satisfactory shape, we start embellishing the garment.

5. Final fitting:
The piece, close to completion, is fitted one last time to ensure it meets your requirements. This is the opportunity to voice any last minute requests, which we’ll endeavour to address wherever possible.

6. Delivery & Completion:
Our studio elves put the final touches to your piece, which can then be delivered or picked up in person. We take great pride in our work and love receiving pictures of you wearing our freshly made creations!