‘Escape the conventional’ with Hendrick’s Gin


“You’re going to enter through the bank machine with a slice of cucumber, 🥒 stick your head in a cloud ☁, have your senses assaulted by a bunch of our experimental gins, and we swear that our actors will not judge you as you roll around on pillows made of gin-infused candy floss. We can’t be sure if our actors know they’re acting, if they are performing for their audience or each other, but they are so funny you just get swept up in it. Anyway – we need very elaborate and well made costumes, please!
And also could you make a bird cage that is in fact a skirt? It must be made of metal, be light as a feather, shine bright like a diamond and be soft to the touch.

Please advise,
Hendrick’s Gin”


– A metal crinoline, made from scratch, filled with fairy-lights and clouds of tulle, sprinkled with a flock of handpainted butterflies
– Sourcing and restoration of a genuine Victorian jacket, which we then covered in pearls. We widened the existing and gave it brand new sleeves made of old lace.
– Creation of 3 Victorian-inspired looks with a touch of non-sense

Client: Hendrick’s Gin
Creative Direction: Space
Cast: Gazebo Effect
Costumes: Yours Truly