Upcycled Red Queen Outfit


Fujifilm commissioned a couple of costumed characters, to showcase during their yearly photography convention.
Goal: highlighting the super sharp definition of their latest cameras by displaying painfully intricate garments, for their audience to photograph
Theme: Alice in Wonderland
Timeline: Less than 2 weeks


We created the most detailed Red Queen cloak known to man, by working upon a reclaimed Indian bridal veil, restoring it, reshaping and recutting it, and building bigger than life shoulder pads as a cherry on top.
We also made a pearl-encrusted corset with OTT choker to boot, and because our Prangsta motto seems to be ‘More is more’, we playfully added to our creation a blinged-up flamingo, adorned with his own little metal crown.

Every single piece here involved was made out of upcycled materials, and the whole lot is now available to hire at our showroom.