For hire


We have a wide selection of flamboyant garments & decadent headpieces, which our stylists will expertly combine to fit your brief. Personal styling sessions are by appointment only, which we offer in person or remotely: get in touch to book a fitting.


We have bird cages and flamingos, beautiful chaise longues and rare taxidermy, goblets, candelabras, golden elephants and gigantic thrones. If you have a space to fill, our team will help you curate a decadent selection.


Looking for an incredible backdrop for your next photoshoot, pop up restaurant or film set ?  Our space can be yours, for a few hours or a day. Costumed hen-do, anyone? Nothing to plan, just turn up. We have eager stylists, make-up artists, photographers, catering to die for, as well as great taste in music.



All our stock is crafted at our New Cross studio by our in-house team of highly skilled makers. We pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our pieces, which can require up to 300 hours of pattern making, hand-sewing, and embellishment work.

Our atelier is constantly working on new pieces to update our ever-growing collection. If your requirement is not yet catered for, or that you want a very special piece for your very special occasion, we can create it for you.


We design one-of-a-kind pieces to meet your brief, be it an elaborate moodboard, a fanciful idea or the basic result of (biro) + (napkin).

Our creative process is organic in nature, whereby we juxtapose reclaimed materials and let the textures do the talking. We however also welcome full-fledged ideas – there’s nothing more exciting to us than true collaboration.


We predominantly work with upcycled textiles and embellishments, and are best known for the intricacy of our creations. If you’d like to own a bit of it, we also work upon your own pieces. Making a stunning new creation from your wedding dress .Altering the shape of something to fit you better or taking the pattern and replicating a favoured outfit of yours that has well and truly died .Being feverish collectors ourselves we will also,on occasion do credit exchanges for your grandmas old gown thats sitting ,forgotten and collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe. 



One sure way to elevate your party? Invite a few of our talented performers, who will mesmerise your guests whilst fabulously clad in Prangsta finery. Ringmasters, mermaids, fortune tellers and warrior unicorns, we love nothing more than creating over-the-top characters to populate an already fabulous event.


Pre-arranged full looks or curated selection in tow, we come to your event and dress your guests as they come. Our crew excels at creating breathtaking displays within a few hours, and will tirelessly assist your guests, ensuring that everyone looks and feels the part.

Dress-up boxes

Our Wandering Boudoir combines costumed characters and dress-up box. We create fantastical universes to complement your event, cast the best performers to fit your brief, and deliver themed Prangsta-scapes to your door. Our customer favourites include burlesque, roaring 20s, jungle fever & Midsummer Night’s Dream, but we love being challenged and coming up with fresh new concepts. Get in touch here to discuss your ideas!